J2EE Servlet course content and syllabus coverage

Servlet Overview

            Shortly after the Web began to be used for delivering services, service providers recognized the need for dynamic content. Applets, one of the earliest attempts toward this goal, focused on using the client platform to deliver dynamic user experiences. At the same time, developers also investigated using the server platform for the same purpose. Initially, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) server-side scripts were the main technology used to generate dynamic content. Although widely used, CGI scripting technology had many shortcomings, including platform dependence and lack of scalability. To address these limitations, Java Servlet technology was created as a portable way to provide dynamic, user-oriented content.

Servlet Course Content 

        What is a Servlet 
        Servlet Life Cycle 
        Web application structures
        Creating war using JAR tool
        Importing and exporting war in eclipse
        Creating simple web project in maven
        Deployment setup in tomcat
        Servlet Interfaces 
        Servlet Classes 
        Passing Input to Servlet
        Servlet Configration
            Servlet Context
            Servlet Config
        Servlet chaining 
            Send redirect
            Request dispatcher
        Session tracking        
        Stateless vs statefull session
            Client side session 
                URL Rewriting  
                Hidden form fields 
            Server side session tracking
                Session Invalidation 
            Database Connectivity 
            Servlet Filters 
        sample Applications using servlet and jsp
            Simple registration and login form
            File download and upload 
            Sending email
            xls and pdf export

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