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J2EE Training in Chennai Overview

    Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is the standard in community-driven enterprise software. Java EE is developed using the Java Community Process, with contributions from industry experts, commercial and open source organizations, Java User Groups, and countless individuals.

Regular classes

10 days, 5 days per week , 2 hrs per day


Fast track

5 days, All days, 4 hrs per day


Weekend classes

4 days,  Weekends, 6 hrs per day


Note: Duration may vary based on candidate skills

J2EE Training Course Content

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Candid Industrial Training is a complete IT Training Institute & J2EE Training in Chennai dedicated to provide Spring Training for IT Students and corporate employees. Candid is the leading Java Training in Chennai, Spring Training, Struts, Spring and Hibernate Training Institute of chennai.

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