Spring boot training in chennai

    Candid provides you the best spring boot training in chennai for fresher and experienced professional

    Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can "just run". We take an opinionated view of the Spring platform and third-party libraries so you can get started with minimum fuss. Most Spring Boot applications need very little Spring configuration.

Candidate can have a

                Free demo session before joining the spring framework course

                Clear discussion about the course coverage, syllabus and version to be covered


                Permanent trainer with 5+ years of post training support


        For experienced candidate we guide them with
                1. Real time project standards and best practices to be followed

                2. Writing generic and reusable codes to build any complex architecture.

                3. Support to migrate any older version of product to latest framework.

                4. Solving Architecture level issues.

                5. Interview and resume preparation guidance for experienced candidate

Spring boot course content

Spring boot overview

What is spring boot?

System requirement and configuration

Maven configuration

What is starter?s and spring parent?s?

Spring boot manual installation

@EnableAutoConfiguration annotation

Main method configuration

Running simple boot web application

Creating executable jar


Deploying in tomcat

Changing port and other configuration

Jetty server configuration

Packing your application for production environment

Spring Web

Structuring your application

Integrating spring MVC Rest application

Importing old xml configuration

Importing multiple configuration

Auto configuration

@SpringBootApplication annotation

Spring boot devtools

Automatic restart
Excluding resources
Watching additional paths
Disabling restart
Using a trigger file


Customizing Spring banners

Customizing Spring favicon

Externalized configuration

Properties file

Yaml file


Adding active profiles

Pro-grammatically setting profiles


Log format

Console output

Color-coded output

File output

Log Levels

Custom log configuration

    Spring boot web application
    MVC Auto configuration
    Custom JSON Serializer and Deserializer
    Serving static content
    Custom favicon
    Error handling
    Cusotom error page
    CORS support

    Registering servet, filter, listener etc..
    JSP limotation

    Write a JSON REST service
    Write an XML REST service
    Customize the Jackson ObjectMapper
    Customize the @ResponseBody rendering
    Handling Multipart File Uploads
    Switch off the Spring MVC DispatcherServlet
    Switch off the Default MVC configuration
    Customize ViewResolvers

    Working sql database
    Mysql configuration
    Oracle Configuration

    Working with NoSQL technologies
    Connecting to a MongoDB database
    Spring Data MongoDB repositories
    Embedded Mongo

    JMS - ActiveMQ support
    Artemis support
    Using a JNDI ConnectionFactory
    Sending a message
    Receiving a message

    RabbitMQ support
    Sending a message
    Receiving a message

    Creating your own starter
    Autoconfigure module
    Starter module

    Spring Boot Actuator
    Enabling production-ready features
    Customizing endpoints
    Hypermedia for actuator MVC endpoints
    CORS support
    Adding custom endpoints
    Health information
    Security with HealthIndicators
    Auto-configured HealthIndicators
    Writing custom HealthIndicators

    Process monitoring

    Embedded servlet containers
    Add a Servlet, Filter or Listener to an application
    Add a Servlet, Filter or Listener using a Spring bean
    Disable registration of a Servlet or Filter
    Add Servlets, Filters, and Listeners using classpath scanning
    Configure Tomcat
    Use Jetty instead of Tomcat
    Configure Jetty
    Change the HTTP port

    Hot swapping
    Reload static content
    Reload templates without restarting the container

    Traditional deployment
    Create a deployable war file
    Create a deployable war file for older servlet containers
    Convert an existing application to Spring Boot
    Deploying a WAR in an Old (Servlet 2.5) Container

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